VP Plating and VP Anodizing are leading providers of quality metal finishes for the Manufacturing, OEM and Aerospace Industries.

Our companies are short run job shops specializing in quick turnarounds of your machined parts. We provide the following metal finishes in Commercial Grade and Specification Grade where applicable.


Electrolytic & Autocatalytic Deposition of Various Metals on Machined Metal Parts.


Electrochemical Deposition of Aluminum Oxide on Machined Aluminum Parts.

  • Additional Services:
  • Pickup & Delivery
  • Quick Turnarounds & Same Day Service
  • Small Quantity Discounts
  • Teflon Impregnation
  • Metal Finish Stripping
  • Commercial Grade Pre & Post Baking
  • Part Masking


  • Automated Real-time Paperwork:
  • Online Pickup Requests
  • Request Date Change Notifications (upon job receipt)
  • Price Estimate Emails (upon job receipt)
  • Certification Emails (upon job completion)
  • Invoicing Emails (upon billing completion)