coatings that
Will Last

There is a simple yet fundamental principle that purchasers of metal finishing are familiar: high quality and low cost may not readily coexist.

At VP Finish, we have established a reputation for providing the finest quality industrial coatings in the Chicagoland area. Quality is the corporate compass that guides our direction and dictates the methodology we use for servicing our customers.

Our mission: applying coatings that will not fail the test of time.  This requires a high level of investment in our customers and in ourselves that makes us what we are today: Strong to the Finish®.


Assuring and replicating our brand of top-notch quality finishes requires the thoughtful, disciplined, and panoptic measures that give VP its edge. Our personnel are meticulously trained to uphold the most stringent quality standards. We consistently invest more than the industry overall in equipment, maintenance and monitoring technologies. We select only the finest bath chemistries and apply demanding specifications to assure optimal coatings.

We will never sacrifice quality for price at VP. We understand how critical it is for us to deliver a product that has been produced correctly at every step of the process.

We take pride in our ability to deliver customers a custom niche – short-runs, quality coatings, and fast turnarounds. We work tirelessly with our purchasers to help them out of tough binds by offering same-day and next-day turnarounds and deliveries.

At VP, we welcome any project, big or small, and willingly tackle even the most difficult challenges, regardless of volume. And if you need it fast, when it hits the door, we hit the job running. We do all this because with great pride comes great quality finishes and unmatched service.

When starting your next project, rely on VP to be Strong to the Finish®!

Our History

Pariso Inc. has been providing quality metal finishes to American Industry since 1980. We are a Family Owned Business spanning three generations. From grandfathers to grandsons and fathers in between, we take great pride in passing our unique knowledge of metal finishing through generations.

In this high-paced, technical and hyper-electronic world, we’ve made it our mission to provide only the most innovative and highest quality metal finishes to our customers. Yet, we still conduct our business in a traditional and sincere manner: with a firm handshake, a genuine smile, and an appreciation for the customer that inspires us and we never forget to always…THANK YOU FOR THE WORK!